You’ll find below a selection of training courses available. These are typically run on-site within your company and are tailored specifically to your requirements. The theory is illustrated with practical application within your company environment. We aim to leave participants with the knowledge and confidence to apply the tools and techniques immediately.

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If you would like more information on our bespoke consultancy packages and how we can help your business then please call our Managing Consultant, Neil Fedden, on 07899 971183 or email.

5-day Lean Masterclass for Service Companies which covers the improvement tools & techniques that are used within manufacturing companies and have now been customised for specific use within the service sector. This includes Lean Service, Service Design and Problem Resolution used to help improve process efficiency whilst at the same time improving service and innovation levels within the business. The training course is targeted at Lean Facilitators and those responsible for facilitating improvement within the service sector. We also use games which demonstrate how Lean can benefit service environments.

1-day Lean Service and Service Design which is essentially an awareness session aimed at those wanting to understand more about how these tools & techniques can help service companies improve productivity and service levels. We demonstrate how to video the Customer Journey and then use this with staff to understand the points where the customer interfaces with the process and how to increase service levels at the same time as saving staff time.

1-day Project Management for those who want to understand the latest best practice for the planning, execution and control of projects. It also covers cost analysis and ways of identifying and controlling risk. All our courses utilise practical case studies and examples to illustrate the theory, and to stimulate ideas.

1-day Problem-Solving Techniques for everyday use by all staff within the organisation. This is designed to enable staff to solve those recurring problems that never seem to go away. A culture in which everyone seeks out and solves problems is the foundation of Lean. Attendees are given practical experience of running a Problem Resolution meeting with the aim of their continuing the practice back within their own organisation.

5-day Lean Masterclass for manufacturing companies aimed at training Lean Facilitators for running improvements within their own businesses. We demonstrate the latest best practice manufacturing tools & techniques, as well as how to set up and run your own improvement workshops. The topics covered include principles of Lean, process mapping, 5S, set-up time reduction, Total Productive Maintenance, Policy Deployment, Problem Resolution, 8D and Change Management. We use a different business simulation each day, to demonstrate the theory and application of the tools & techniques.

1-day Lean Manufacturing Awareness. An introduction to this now well-established improvement technique with our popular business simulations, which practically demonstrate the lead-time and productivity improvements that can be made.

1-day Lean in the Supply Chain and Supplier Development aimed at companies that have started to introduce Lean within their own business, and now need to improve their suppliers’ processes in order to get further performance improvements. The course covers practical ways of managing your suppliers in order to improve their product quality and delivery reliability.

1-day SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Dies) a technique used to help reduce machine set-up times and so improve the flexibility of the organisation to the demands of the marketplace. We use our SMED game to demonstrate the concepts and the tangible benefits they can bring.

1-day 8D Problem-Solving for companies who need an all-encompassing and structured problem-solving technique. This is particularly useful for solving complex problems or customer complaints.

1-day Introduction to 6 Sigma aimed at those who want to know more about 6 Sigma and the financial benefits it can bring to your organisation. The course also covers how 6 Sigma and Lean fit in together.

Yellow, Green and Black Belt 6 Sigma Courses tailored to your specific requirements with a combination of theory and practical help in implementing a 6 Sigma project.

2-day Policy Deployment and Metrics Dashboard to help companies establish:

  • the desired future state of the business
  • a top-level ‘current state’ of the business

an improvement strategy to move the business from the current state to the future state. Using Policy Deployment this business strategy is then cascaded down through the business to employees at all levels. This enables everyone to work together and play a part in achieving the strategy.

To keep things going in the right direction the workshop covers how to put together a Dashboard of Metrics to monitor improvements and identify where corrective action needs to take place.

1-day Lean Office for companies that are looking to improve the flow of information around the office, in order to improve office productivity and reduce lead times. More than ever companies are now realising that if you get the office and support processes right, it has a major impact on the profitability of the operations.

1-day Keeping Lean Going is a training programme aimed at those that have had problems with the implementation of change, and after initial enthusiasm, the efforts have drifted away. It is also of use for those that are about to embark on a major change, to ensure that they put in place the correct foundations for the future, rather than just chasing short-term wins.

Team Days with a combination of work and play. We are often requested to design and run team days for organisations that not only have a specific element of learning or strategic review but are also a lot of fun. This ensures that quite sensitive topics can be tackled in a light-hearted way without emotions running too high!

In the past we have run team days that have used our range of Lean Games, learning how to play poker with a professional poker player or even learning martial arts!

LEAN AcademyLEAN Academy helps businesses increase their profits through continuous improvement, while at the same time, building lifelong skills within their organisation.

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