LEAN Academy

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LEAN Academy Course Aim

To train LEAN Champions and Implementers with the skills, knowledge and confidence to make improvements to their own businesses.

This hands-on course shows the participants the practical application of LEAN Principles in today’s business environments in order to improve profits through continuous improvement. This may come through a reduction in lead times, productivity improvements or increased customer service levels through process improvement.

This off-site course allows like-minded individuals (12-15 per course) to learn together and share ideas in a fun and creative environment. There is also an opportunity for best practice site visits to companies such as Siemens Magnets (Best Engineering Factory 2012) to see how they have implemented and benefitted from LEAN.

The course consists of 5-days of theory into LEAN and Continuous Improvement followed by 8 days of mentoring to help the participants deliver three improvement projects within their own business. Typically, each candidate would be expected to generate company savings in excess of £30,000 per year.

At the end of the year-long course, the candidates present back to their respective employers their projects, the benefits they have delivered and recommended future improvements.

The programme is divided up as follows:

On completion of the course, we would expect the participants to continue with the implementation of further improvement projects.

Topics Covered

  • Basic principles of LEAN, its origins and how it applies to both Operational and Office Environments
  • Process Flow Analysis with the Aim of Improving Productivity and Reducing Lead-Times
  • Mapping out the Customer Journey in order to improve service levels
  • Workplace Organisation Techniques
  • Staff-led Continuous Improvement Techniques (Kaizen) and Problem Solving
  • Information Waste and process mapping Information Flows
  • Creating Standard Operating Procedures to Capture Best Practice
  • Waste Walks and identifying 7 Wastes
  • Preparing Improvement Plans
  • Problem Resolution Charts and Visual Management (linking Key Performance Measures to improvement activities)
  • Cost/benefit analysis and putting together 1-page improvement lessons


To find out more information about the programme and associated costs, or if you would like to make a firm booking, please email or call Neil Fedden on 07899 971183.