Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Cars

Case History, Manufacturing

Ford Motor Cars is one of world’s largest and best loved motoring brands steeped in history. It has large production facilities in the UK based at Bridgend, Dagenham and Southampton.

The automotive industry is highly competitive industry with a constant need to launch new products and improve its production methods.

Working through EEF South, Neil Fedden has led a series of major projects both at the home of the Transit van production in Southampton and also Stamping and Tooling Operations at Dagenham.

These projects have been diverse in nature, ranging from the launch of the facelift Transit van back in 2006 through to productivity improvements at the Dagenham site.

Supporting the launch of facelift Transit was a major project and involved a team of up to 8 Engineers permanently based on site for a period of 3 months. This contract Engineering team liaised with the Ford Management and Engineers to identify bottlenecks in production and then work to identify ways of removing them. Increasing output from the production lines

At Dagenham, the project involved working closely with Unions, Management and the workforce, identifying process improvements before looking at the practicality of implementing them.

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