At Fedden USP we use the tried and tested improvement techniques from best-in-class companies, such as Lean from the Japanese automotive industry combined with innovative thinking from the UK’s Design Sector, to evaluate the way businesses are run. We help these businesses improve service levels, productivity and increase innovation, which ultimately increases bottom-line profit.

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We are really pleased with the impacts that the changes have had, with average customer spend up by 20%. We still have lots of improvement ideas still to implement and this is very much a continuous process.

Fairweather’s Garden Centre
Shaun Bowen
Fairweather’s Garden Centre

Having done some specific lean projects in the past and trained one individual as a facilitator, the NVRQ training allowed us to train all the key members of our operations team, as well as giving an excellent development opportunity to some more junior team members. What this means is that staff from across the business all understand and champion lean, it has also made individuals much less defensive when their processes are scrutinised. When we only had one facilitator it lacked the breadth of knowledge or momentum and lean became a sideshow, now having a multi-functional team of 10 we can really implement continuous improvement ongoing.

The Handmade Cake Company
Michael Wheeler
Bakery Director
The Handmade Cake Company

The production team recently attended the LEAN workshop in order to improve efficiencies through every step of the production process. As a result we have seen massive improvements in the way we work as individuals and as a team, leading to the desired efficiencies and obviously cost savings! But more importantly the exercise has brought the team closer together.

Lovania Nurseries Ltd
Paul Rossington
Lovania Nurseries Ltd